Film "Iliana. Believe me" by Vladimir Koifman

Vladimir Koifman, the film Director of our agency, has recently finished shooting the film called "Illyana. Believe me".

About film

One day Iliana's revelation during a family dinner shocks Fyodor. An ordinary dinner with friends turns into a dangerous game. The viewer will have to unravel several secrets that bind all the characters.

The house of Fyodor and Iliana is literally stuffed with hidden cameras, and some mysterious man in a van watches every step of theirs with great enthusiasm.

Whose game is this? Who will become the winner? One thing is clear: the heroes will have to pay for all the mistakes they make.
The plot of the picture is an intricate puzzle with various twists and black humor. Even the most sophisticated viewer will enjoy the film.

An accidental meeting at an art exhibition of Ivan Bodrov will become the fatal one. Standing by the famous painting called " Polyanitsa's Smile" professor Fyodor Levashov gets acquainted with beautiful Iliana. Fedor is captivated by Iliana's appearance, intelligence and mystery.

Soon, they get married, but their union is far from ideal.


Cast: Viktor Sukhorukov, Ina Barron, Ivan Bosilchich, Anna Churina, Alexey Barabash, Makar Zaporozhsky, Alexey Morozov and others.
Russian premiere of the film will be announced soon.

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